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Governor Richardson Featured on MTP PRESS Pass

In this week's PRESS Pass, Former Governor of New Mexico and 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson weighs in on immigration policy, the Republican field, and President Obama's chances for re-election. Former Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) says expectations on President Obama during his first term were “huge” and the president has been a force in moving the country in the right direction. “What he’s done is he’s dug us out of that enormous abyss, and now we’re starting to move forward,” Richardson said.

Recently named Senior Fellow for Latin America at Rice University, Richardson also pointed to the Latino community as being a huge part of President Obama’s reelection hopes. In an interview with David for this week’s PRESS Pass, Richardson said “It will be very narrow and it’ll be settled… in states that are getting stronger Latino populations.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate also had a warning to those seeking their party’s nomination in the GOP. “If Republicans continue their hostility towards comprehensive immigration reform, one of the biggest political blocs in the country, Hispanic voters, are going to continue to turn off to them as they have in past presidential elections,” Richardson said.

Watch the entire interview above to hear what Governor Richardson thinks about the 2012 Republican field, and how the President is doing thus far -

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