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Former US Energy Secretary praises the UAE for its achievements as a global renewable energy centre

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 5 April, 2011 – Former US Energy Secretary and US Ambassador Bill Richardson, today praised the United Arab Emirates for its long-term vision to diversify the global energy mix with the deployment of renewable energy and innovations in clean technology. In his visit to the UAE, Ambassador Richardson was a VIP observer of the historic, first session of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), where he was witness to the confirmation of the IRENA headquarters and selection of the Director General of the Agency.

“The UAE has made a bold commitment to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, and with the confirmation of Abu Dhabi as the home to IRENA, the world is recognizing the nation’s efforts,” said Bill Richardson, former US Energy Secretary and US Ambassador to the United Nations. “The world will recognize the member nations of IRENA for taking a leadership role in redefining the future of energy, and in the process, address some of the most pressing issues we face. From climate change to rural electrification – IRENA will be the beacon from which a cleaner, more cooperative world will emerge.                                                 


“With the current uncertainty in the Middle East, the UAE serves as an economic roadmap for how investments in future industries can provide long-term stability,” added Ambassador Richardson. 

The first session of the General Assembly gathered 800 delegates from 150 nations and was attended by more than 90 ministers. IRENA is an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to promoting the adoption of renewable energy worldwide. During the first session, member nations officially confirmed the United Arab Emirates as the permanent home to the global organization and selected Dr. Adnan Amin as the Director General of the Agency. 


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The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs established its Directorate of Energy and Climate Change in 2010 to ensure that a coordinated effort, involving public and private stakeholders, takes place in the creation of a national climate change strategy and policy. The Directorate’s actions are done through the National Commission on Climate Change, and act as a key measure to UAE’s active engagement in all international dialogues on clean energy and climate change such as COP 16.

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