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Bill Richardson joins the Washington Speakers Bureau

Bill Richardson

Bill RichardonGovernor of New Mexico (2003-2010), Former U.S. Energy Secretary, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

Having just recently returned from negotiating with the North Korean regime to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula,Bill Richardson shares his leadership experiences from a three-decade-long career in public service. Nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless efforts on the most intractable of diplomatic crises, Richardson helps organizations make sense of the many complex issues confronting us today including working with a divided government, the 2012 presidential race, the economy, domestic policy issues including immigration and energy, U.S. foreign policy and global diplomacy.


Erskine Bowles

Erskine_BowlesCo-Chair, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (2010); President Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Former White House Chief of Staff and Former Administrator, Small Business Administration
When President Obama needed a trusted leader unafraid to give tough fiscal counsel on America's pressing deficit issue, he turned to Erskine Bowles. As a respected businessman, governmental and academic leader forced to make tough decisions in the name of fiscal responsibility, Bowles -- in both his keynotes and in joint presentations with Alan Simpson -- discusses what leaders on both sides of the political spectrum must do to bring America's spending and deficit problems under control.


Alan Simpson

Alan SimpsonCo-Chair, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (2010)
In a career hallmarked by a fearlessness of and tenacity for confronting the most complicated political issues, Alan Simpson's once again answered the call to serve by sounding the alarm that America's deficit crisis must be addressed. With his trademark candor and wit, Simpson provides insights on sensible policy options for reforming entitlements, taxes and balancing the national budget.


Peter Goodman

Peter GoodmanBusiness Editor, The Huffington Post and National Economic Correspondent, The New York Times (2007 - 2010)
Most recently the National Economic Correspondent for The New York Times and now the Executive Business Editor of the highly influential Huffington Post for business, economic and technology news, Peter Goodman is the author of Past Due: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American Economy. He provides an insightful and plain-spoken view of the changing American economy and the forces altering commercial life, from technology and globalization, to politics and cultural mores.

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